Tuesday, May 31, 2011


What makes laughter such an important ingredient in building a healthy relationship you ask? Well I believe laughter reinforces the sense of connection between you and your partner. Do you ever notice how easily you warm up to somebody after sharing a laugh or two with that person? That is because when you share a laugh with someone, you’re connecting with them. I love how you can help in easing the stress and tension in each other by making people laugh. In this way, they may be able to see the situation in a different light and find ways to cope with the it. If that other person is your love, the shared laughter adds a layer of intimacy in your relationship, a layer of closeness. Laughter creates a positive emotional climate between you and your partner.

I believe laughter can be an ice breaker as well. Laughter can help you overcome some of your relationship problems. If you’re having relationship problems, a shared laughter from a joke can ease the pain and the anxiety, it can lead to the two of you talking again. Laughter makes you attractive to your partner. When you laugh, your face glows and your eyes shine. Even if you do not feel attractive or sexy at all, your partner will find you very desirable when you laugh, that will be cute to them. Men like women who laugh easily in their presence, while women prefer a man who can take it when his girlfriend laughs at him you know? Laughter is indeed the best medicine, for any relationship. If you want to enjoy a healthy relationship, then you should share a laugh with your loved one as often as you can. <3

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